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June 3, 2012

Still Here

Still Here

Just a quickie to say we are still at Alcoutim (I think we have been Guardiana glued!!) For such a sleepy little hollow we just seem to be so busy, so when I have a little more time I will put an overview of our stay here. But for now you will just have to be patient :)

May 5, 2012

Should we stay or should we go???

Should we stay or should we go???

Ria Guardiana

We have been in the sleepy hollows of Alcotim, SanLucar and Pomarau for nearly a month now we were discussing the other day where we should be when my daughter Gemma and her best friend Leigh come out to see us on the 12th of May. We first thought about Tavira as it is lovely in the summer with beaches starboard and port of us, however after some consideration we decided the dingy ride is just too far away from town. We considered other areas but while we were having our ‘sundowners’ we could not help but feel gloomy about leaving this tranquil relaxing place! plus the weather is not settled at present either. So we thought why not ‘lets stay longer’ we eagerly started mulling over the things the girls could do while here and we actually came up with a whole array of activities (more than they will be able to cram into their four days). So decision made. We will stay here until after the girls go home and the weather has settled.

March 21, 2012

What a day!

We are absolutely shattered!! We have been so busy with small jobs, big jobs such as tightening guard rails  anti-fouling the log wheel painting the deck in non-slip paint and so many other bits and bobs . We really can not believe how much work we have put into our boat!!

When we have launched we shall introduce ourself s much more formally, and back date our story from the time we bought Steel Appeal. We just wanted to make a start, so apology’s for the back to front blogging but we had to start some where.

March 20, 2012

successful day!


Well after many hours of Nigel spending time in the small confined space of the ‘engine room’ (not so sure you can actually call it a room lol) contorting himself and sending the air a little blue at times it is now working!!! 3 cheers for my man hiphip hoary 😀

Things are now more definite for the ultimate date of the 23rd, pics to follow soon!

March 20, 2012

A good day! the top sides are all painted, polished and very much completed, the hull now has all the annodes on too!

We here by declare the exterior ready for the big splash 😀 whooh!!!!